In war with peace

Lost in this world
which is in war with peace
or should one better be in peace
with war? In those days?

All there is is god
and god is doing such strange things.
Strange God!
Like a shizophrenic
where his left side hunts the right and vica versa.

Because “it happens”?
Is that reason enough?

Tomorrow I see walls.
Walls of fear …. Walls of anger …. Walls of separation
Build to protect.
To protect us from each other.

How many generations will be needed
to break them down again?
To see our oneness?
To see that left & right & up & down & you & me & god & us
are many forms of all the one?

No right – No wrong
Only different.

And both right. And wrong
Cause truth is just another flower.
Never to stay.
Just a dust in nothingness
and disappearing.
Like a breath.

And so is this world.
And we.
And me.
And you.

If there will be a 22nd century
what will they tell about our time?
The days of not knowing ,
and falling into darkness?
Or the days of awakening?

(by Edgar OWK Hofer)


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